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Express Aligners

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The correction of the position of the irregular front teeth in the smile line with transparent ALIGNERS is wide spread within orthodontic treatments.
During this procedure individually designed – and produced with the most modern technology – transparent ALIGNERS are used for every patient.

The transparent ALIGNERS slowly move the teeth to their positions and shape the dentures to get the most perfect smile.

With the help of the ALIGNERS a perfect result can be reached in a particularly comfortable way. It is comfortable to wear them during the orthodontic procedure. They can be put up easily and removed any time, they hardly influence speech and appearance.

ALIGNERS can easily be removed during meals, for cleaning the teeth or in special circumstances. In order to reach quick results they should be used for 20-22 hours a day.

The INVISALIGN, SIMPLI 5, CLEAR ALIGNER and MyClearBrace techniques also use these ALIGNERS. The significant difference between them is in the number of aligners, the way they are produced, the number of visits at the dentist, and the consistency of the aligners.


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The progress of treatment

1 Personal cunsultation:

During the personal consultation we make impressions, take photos and having the X-ray results we discuss whether ALIGNERS can be used or we have to choose a different treatment.

2 Ordering the appliance

Based on the X-rays, photos and impressions 3D models are made in special dental laboratories. Based on the models the orthodontist and the dental technician create a detailed plan on the progress of the orthodontics. The aligners are produced.

3 Receiving the aligners

According to the personalized plans you receive the totally transparent ALIGNER series or the first set of treatment depending on the chosen technique.
These aligners are made of comfortable plastic, which doesn’t irritate the inner parts of the mouth. At daily use you must remove the aligners when you eat or clean your teeth. With the help of the continuously changed aligners the teeth will move to their position continuously and without any pain. The aligners have to be changed in 2-3-4 weeks stepping to the new phase of the treatment.

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