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Instant orthodontics

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Orthodontics at adult age

Today’s generation of 30-40- year-olds couldn’t receive orthodontic treatments, or not in the right framework. Mainly they and the patients with unsuccessful orthodontic treatments get a chance for a nice smile with this special procedure. Furthermore in 1-2 weeks! So there is no need to wear brackets and metal ‘wires’ for years, only thorough planning and precise implementation. Dr Bodrogi has been using this method successfully for years.

Ideal forms with creamic veneers

The tools of instant orthodontics are individually planned and artistically produced ceramic restorations, which are fixed to the teeth adhesively, hiding the unwanted irregularities, and giving back their owners the feeling of confident smile.
The essence of instant orthodontics method is that after a minimal preparation to the required results, ultra-thin ceramic veneers are bonded to the surface of the teeth, which restore the ideal form, arch, length, keeping the external features specific to natural teeth (layers, transparency, surface texture etc.)

After instant orthodontics – perfectly regular teeth

Before instant orthodontics – serious endognathion

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